Unsere Neuheit What the Rule?! jetzt wieder erhältlich!
die gründer von perdix spiele

Nils-Lucas (better known as Nilu, left) studied engineering and has been a passionate games fan since childhood.
Julian (right) studied philosophy and computer science and has been tinkering with new game ideas in his spare time for many years.

Welcome to Perdix Spiele!

It all started in 2021, when we made our dream of our first own game came true: We developed our first game "Kleine Sünden" during the Corona Lockdown.
Since then, we have been passionately tinkering with game ideas and experimenting with innovative game principles and technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality. Our "Augmented Reality Tiermemo" combines the elements of an old classic game with modern technology. After our experiences with online game nights during the lockdown, we have also been developing online versions of our games since 2022, which you can play for free on our website.

We hope you have a lot of fun playing our games!

Julian and Nilu