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Only those who behave in an exemplary and virtuous manner are in the King's favour. But as a little rascal, your life at court is full of pranks and little sins. Will you be able to cover up your deeds before someone tells the King?

8+ Years 2-8 Players

Climate-neutral printing

Idea of the game

Players take on the role of little rascals up to no good at the royal court. But only those who behave in an exemplary and virtuous manner are in the favor of the king. Those who go too far are threatened with banishment. So the players are busy trying to cover up their deeds as quickly as possible before someone tells the king. Those who are lucky may even get help from the court magician. The game is played with 54 playing cards, including 52 "sin cards" and two "court magicians". All players try to discard their sin cards from their hand. The higher the point value of the card, the more serious the deed in the eyes of the King. Players with 7 or fewer points in their hand may choose to report the other players to the King. The betrayed players then receive sin points for each card in their hand. If you successfully betray the others, you will get off scot-free and will not receive any sin points yourself. But be careful! If another player has the same number of points or less, you will receive an additional 30 points for the failed snitching. The player who covers up his deeds best and gets the fewest sin points wins the game.

"Sin cards"

Court magician

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