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The big blue ocean is full of beautiful fish and sea creatures. Will you be able to snatch them from your fellow players, or will you have to go fishing yourself? Great fun for the whole family!

4+ Years 2-6 Players

This is how it works

Geh' Fischen! is the highlight for every family game collection. In this popular classic game, known as "Go Fish" in English-speaking countries, you humorously collect fish from your fellow players - or fish them directly from the ocean.
The ocean is a particularly child-friendly game mechanic that makes shuffling cards an exciting experience for young and old. The cards are shuffled wildly in the middle of the table, with all players helping. So even the little ones can get involved! The resulting pile forms the draw pile for the game: The ocean from which the players fish during the course of the game.
At the start of the game, each player fishes five cards from the ocean. Then, by cleverly asking the other players, they try to collect a group of four identical marine animals. If the asked player does not have the desired sea animal in his hand, he replies with "Go fish!" In this case, another card is fished out of the ocean. This often leads to funny dialogues, making Geh' Fischen! a communicative game with a lot of wit. At the end, the player who has collected the most groups of sea animals wins the game.

The "ocean" forms the draw pile for the game.

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