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Make your tricks, but watch out for nasty crooks who want to sneak in. If you play cleverly, you can even use it to your advantage! Can you gather the entire gang of crooks and land the big coup?

10+ Years 3-6 Players

Idea of the game

In Gaunerbande, you try to trick your fellow players into playing nasty crook cards. At the end of the round, they will give you a lot of negative points. But watch out! If you collect enough crooks, you have the chance to score big and beat the other players.
The game is played with a set of 52 profession cards, including 13 black crook cards and 1 corrupt politician. After the game has been played, each player looks at the tricks they have won. The crook cards and the corrupt politician each cost one point. However, if you have won all the crook cards and the corrupt politician, you have united the whole gang of crooks and pulled off the big coup. The player can now choose to either increase his own score or give a lot of negative points to his fellow players. The aim of the game is to end up with as few points as possible.

Corrupt politician

Crook cards

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