Unsere Neuheit What the Rule?! jetzt wieder erhältlich!

Bring your matching game to life! In this classic game, you try to find two identical animals by uncovering them. Using your smartphone, the animals come to life on your table and move. From roaring lions to pecking chickens, the animals are ready for you to discover!

4+ Years 1-6 Players

Download the app

You can now download the Augmented Reality Tiermemo app (German only) for iOS and Android. Find the links to download the apps here. If your Augmented Reality Tiermemo hasn't arrived at home yet, you can print out the cards yourself and start playing right away!

Play Augmented Reality Tiermemo: Classic or with the app.

To play the classic animal matching game, all you need are the playing cards. These are shuffled and laid face down. The first player turns over two cards of their choice. If they show the same animal, he can take the cards and place them in front of him. In this case, the player gets another turn to turn over two more cards. If the cards show two different animals, they are turned face down again after all players have had a chance to see them. The next player's turn begins and they can now turn over two cards of their choice. The game ends when there are no cards left. The player with the most cards in front of him at the end wins. The app version of the game follows the same rules. Instead of turning over cards, animated 3D models of the animals appear.