Unsere Neuheit What the Rule?! jetzt wieder erhältlich!
Are you having an online gaming night or just want to try our games for free? Since 2022, we have been making online versions of our games available free of charge. All you need to play is a good mood and your internet browser. You don't need an account to play and you don't have to enter any personal information. All you have to do is invite your friends via a link generated in the game and you're ready to go!
Please note that all games currently offered are still in beta and are constantly being further developed. Please send us your feedback, questions or comments to info@perdix-spiele.de. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have fun playing!
logo des kartenspiels what the rule

Find the secret rule! Play your hand cards cleverly to find out which card can be placed according to the secret rule. If you get it right, you will be rewarded with points. Will you be able to uncover the secret rule? Or will you end up thinking, What the Rule?!

logo des kartenspiels kleine sünden

Only those who behave in an exemplary and virtuous manner are in the King's favour. But as a little rascal, your life at court is full of pranks and little sins. Will you be able to cover up your deeds before someone tells the King?

logo des kartenspiels geh fischen

The big blue ocean is full of beautiful fish and sea creatures. Will you be able to snatch them from your fellow players, or will you have to go fishing yourself? Great fun for the whole family!

logo des kartenspiels medium

Using your psychic link, you and your partner meld your minds to find the MEDIUM - the word that connects the cards you and your partner played. Count down 3... 2...1... and then, attempt to say the same word at the same time!