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logo des kartenspiels gaunerbande

Make your tricks, but watch out for nasty crooks who want to sneak in. If you play cleverly, you can even use it to your advantage! Can you gather the entire gang of crooks and land the big coup?

logo des kartenspiels kleine sünden

Only those who behave in an exemplary and virtuous manner are in the King's favour. But as a little rascal, your life at court is full of pranks and little sins. Will you be able to cover up your deeds before someone tells the King?

logo des kartenspiels geh fischen für kinder ab 4 jahren

The big blue ocean is full of beautiful fish and sea creatures. Will you be able to snatch them from your fellow players, or will you have to go fishing yourself? Great fun for the whole family!

logo des tier memo spiels mit zugehöriger augmented reality app

Bring your matching game to life! In this classic game, you try to find two identical animals by uncovering them. Using your smartphone, the animals come to life on your table and move. From roaring lions to pecking chickens, the animals are ready for you to discover!

logo des kartenspiels what the rule

Find the secret rule! Play your hand cards cleverly to find out which card can be placed according to the secret rule. If you get it right, you will be rewarded with points. Will you be able to uncover the secret rule? Or will you end up thinking, What the Rule?!